Holy Spirit prompted me to defer going to Congo until about March 2012 since a Crusade was being arranged and He wanted me to establish a long-lasting foundational work there – working closely with the local Pastors. I also saw us ministering to Pastors at a Pastor’s conference. I cancelled the trip to Congo and a few days later received an invitation to minister at a women’s conference in Pakistan. I was not immediately keen on this but said I would pray about it. When I started praying I saw a vision of a group of people getting excited as God moved over them with impartation, physical and emotional healing as they learnt how to enter the heavenly places. I started receiving a burden for these people in Pakistan and when I shared this vision with Marietha who invited me, she confirmed that this was the precise theme of the women’s conference. She referred me to photos of the church members in Pakistan and I was amazed to see the people were dressed just like I saw in the vision. So we are braving the 33 hour journey to and from Lahore, Pakistan from 15 November until 23 November. Pastor Naveed is very excited about the vision and we are all expecting Holy Spirit to move mightily. I am trusting God for finances for this trip. Please pray for us and for the people in Pakistan.

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