Pentecost gift of Tongues!

A few of the Ministry Team went to Nelspruit this past weekend for Surprise Sithole’s (IRIS Ministries) Apostolic Conference. We had an awesome time with lots of impartation of the Spirit with an outpouring and flow of the spirit as Vance Murphy from Minnesota, USA taught and ministered in the Spirit. On Saturday night we saw the same phenomenon as the Disciples experienced at Pentecost! Vance announced that he had started praying in a strange tongue and that he believed that someone was going to minister in the country where they spoke this language. He started speaking in this language and immediately Surprise recognised it and said “that is Congo!” I told them I am going to Congo in March and so Vance proceeded to proclaim in this new spirit language and Surprise translated “God is sending you on an assignment to Congo. You are not going as a spectator, but with an assignment to minister healing to Pastors and their wives and to teach them to enter My heavenly places. I will go with you and will impart My Spirit through you.” I was VERY excited about this confirmation because this is exactly what Holy Spirit showed me I should do in Congo. God is moving!

I need to make time to write more, to prioritise… I have been very busy ministering to individuals for emotional healing. I have received 3 prophetic words in the past 2 months that I will write – encouraging the Body of Christ. The desire to write down what Holy Spirit is revealing to me is growing stronger… watch this space!

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