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We met at the airport for our 14h00 flight to Abu Dhabi and after an uneventful although sleepless flight 1 AbuDhabiAirportwe landed in Abu Dhabi at 23h00 – what a beautiful airport!

Wednesday 16 Nov

Tired and bedraggled, looking at the hard chairs in the waiting area, we were not looking forward to the 23 hour wait laying ahead of us…waiting for the connecting flight to Lahore, so so we went to the bathroom in preparation to settling down to an uncomfortable night.

Whilst waiting for Marietha outside the bathroom, it came to me to go and look for a sleeper seat…and as I arrived I saw a lady leaving and asked the man there if the seat was open…he said yes and then he left as well…so we were blessed to get sleeper seats immediately. I was too uncomfortable to sleep there at all.

Marietha managed to sleep a bit but I struggled so eventually ended up reading through the night. The airconditioner in the airport was very effective and it was too cold to sleep so Marietha woke up and went to buy a blanket, after which she slept better. We did a lot of reading and preparing of the word we wanted to share, but still time drags incredibly slowly in an airport. One of the coffee shops had a few soft couches so we moved there which was far more comfortable and I managed to sleep for an hour.


We arrived in Lahore at 2am – what a difference! Culture shock! From Abu Dhabi which is very developed and upmarket to Pakistan which is exactly the opposite. We found some seats and passed out for 4 hours since Pastor Naveed had said they would come once the sun came out. We woke up at 6am and while looking for a phone we somehow missed the red and green baggage check area of immigration and left the airport building without this. We eventually were taken to the airport manager who phoned Naveed and we were finally on our way to Faizalabad. We arrived at about 13h00 and after lunch we slept for 2 P1040288hours before preparing for the evening services.

Traffic is very busy with trucks, tractor-trailers, cars, minibuses, motorcycles carrying up to 3 adults or a family of 5,  3-wheel Ricksha taxis, bicycles, donkey and horse carts, hand carts and pedestrians all vying for space to move! Ladies sit side-saddle on the motorcycles and on the carriers of bicycles!

imageMany of the the original Gypsy people, Patagons, are truck drivers and they decorate their trucks beautifully.

Marietha ministered at Pastor Naveed’s church to about 120 people while I ministered at Pastor Shakeel’s church with about 150 people. The churches are Pentecostal so they speak in tongues but very few know the flow of the Spirit released in the Charismatic churches. Pastor Shakeel is the chairperson of the Association of Punjab Pentecostal churches with 50 churches in the region.

Marietha underestimated the time it takes to translate the message and so was well on her way to following Paul’s example. Thankfully nobody fell out of the window. The interpreter told me that he was riveted the whole 1½ hours and that she preached very well! Pastor Javeed sP1030967aid he normally embellishes the interpretation to make it more interesting for the audience, but in this case there was a Presence of the Holy Spirit that was tangible for him that constrained him from taking liberties and he interpreted the message word for word. He also shared that he has a back problem and cannot stand for longer than 15 minutes at a time and yet he could interpret standing up for 1½ hours! This precious brother in Pastor Naveed’s church loves gardening and has a double plot so has space for gardening. He could not walk his foot was so swollen and painful, as Marietha prayed for him God healed him completely.

I shared on the flow of the Spirit and did the exercise of taking people into the spirit, which was a very new experience for them. While it was not very successful, since Pentecostals are very vocal and are not used to praying without words, although people did experience the move of the Spirit, they did not share their experiences. I then invited people for prayer to receive more from God and for healing. Everyone came forward so I started with the men and Holy Spirit moved mightily. Quite a few men fell under the Spirit and it was clear that this was an unusual phenomenon for them. Pastor Shakeel was standing next to me supporting in prayer and I was wondering how to get to pray for him when, while I was praying for another man, I saw the anointing hit him and he was struggling to stand, but the anointing was too strong and he fell under the Spirit. I just carried on as if this was the most normal thing in the world, but inside I was rejoicing.


Azim drove us in his small microbus vehicle which did an excellent impersonation of a full-on 4×4 over very poor dirt roads with massive caved-in sinkholes in the road on the way to Pastor Javeed’s house where the church had gathered in the courtyard of his house. The community there is extremely poor and about 30 adults and 70 children were squeezed into an area of about 6m x 8m. Marietha shared a much shorter word and then I invited people for prayer. The people had to stand so we could move through the crowd there was so little space. The people are so hungry, all of then came forward for prayer. Marietha prayed for the women and I prayed for the men. Most of the sick had immediate healing from various pains where pain was present – headaches, shoulder pains, arthritis, etc. Various people who had trouble walking were healed and walked normally without pain.

This young man who was blind in his left eye from birth had complete sight restored and an old man who could P1030949hardly see had normal sight restored. I made the mistake of not announcing this, so missed the opportunity to increase faith in the crowd and give glory to God. Our culture of false humility causes us to underplay the great works God does and Holy Spirit convicted me afterwards concerning this. After all it is only Him who heals and so He should get the credit and honour – not doing this dampens the Spirit. Marietha prayed mainly for the brokenness in the women, it was so beautiful to see her flowing so strongly in Love as she holds and hugs the women. The women are so drawn to her and when I had finished with the men and wanted to help her with the women, many insist on only her praying for them.

In the evening we went to Pastor Javeed’s church, which is also an open courtyard a bit larger than the P1030895courtyard at his house, with most of the same people in attendance, with fewer children and quite a few new people. The worship was beautiful with a very anointed young Sunday School teacher leading the worship. I experienced the Presence of God during the worship and spoke about this before I shared a short word on the treasure being each one present. I then released the River of Holy Spirit and the Presence was released mightily with a spirit of intercession coming over the people. Marietha received a number of Words of Knowledge concerning ailments and released these when we prayed and Holy Spirit moved mightily with many healings. Unfortunately the Pastors were in a hurry to the next appointment after the service so they hurried us away…on the way out we were both laying hands on and praying for people as we walked past them.

During tea, after the meeting, Marietha told us about the vision she saw a vision during the worship where she saw Jesus appear and stand to one side. She asked Him why He was standing one side to which He replied that He was enjoying the worship. He then reached out and touched the people and she asked Him “What about P1030963the people over there beyond your reach?” (Typical of Marietha who wants everyone to be touched!) He smiled and his arms just grew longer and He touched everyone!

Typical Pakistani beds are stored against the wall in the open courtyard and in the evening a duvet is placed on it and voila!.. a bed for the night!

00h30 Cant keep my eyes open anymore…goodnight!


I slept through prayers from 5-6am and only woke up at 7am feeling much refreshed. I toured the school and shared the message from Mat 13:34 with the children that they are the treasure and taught them how to bless themselves, which they enjoyed.

P1040277After lunch of mainly vegetables bought from this hand cart which stopped outside the house, we visited a few church member’s homes and prayed for the extended family at each one with all being healed. They then went out and fetched sick neighbours so the visits were extended. I’m experiencing the release of tingling or heat in my right hand is becoming a consistently accurate indicator that someone nearby is in need of healing and that God is already healing them or that I should pray for healing. One man who lives opposite Pastor Naveed’s in-laws’ house came in and lay down on the couch since he could not sit at all or walk without great pain because he had shooting pains from his hip down his right leg, which had incapacitated him for more than 6 months. After praying, he sat up and when people wanted to help him up he waved them away and stood up by himself then walked around a bit, declare the pain gone and he then went home – I think was overwhelmed by the enormity of what took place and was in shock that God had healed him completely after so long. He climbed the stairs to his house himself – completely healed. Thank you Father.

On Saturday night we were both in Pastor Shakeel’s church which is famous for its worship and had awesome worship before Marietha shared a short word and I then demonstrated how to catch someone and then we lined the people up and after singing a worship song inviting Holy Spirit to come we started imparting the Spirit. About half the men struggled to release control so did not receive fully but many were touched. I find that blowing gently on people releases the anointing. When I had finished with the men I started imparting for the ladies Marietha had not yet prayed for, and they received and just so gently fell, one after the other in quick succession under the anointing of the Spirit. The catchers were struggling to keep up and then I prayed for the children and they fell like skittles as I touched them, it was so cute! WeP1040076 had a few of the teenagers who tried to stay standing up so I stood on their toes to stop them from moving their feet and staggering backwards and that solved the problem. When I prayed for Pastor Naveed I had hardly started and he passed out and fell onto me, which took me quite by surprise, thankfully I managed to catch him but it was not graceful. Pastor Shakeel also received and the choir was quite a sight receiving so easily and falling under the spirit in quick succession. Everyone was very thankful to God for the touching and anointing. We then had dinner at 11pm before getting to bed after midnight.


Up at 7am, breakfast and service at 09h30. Marietha shared with the children at Sunday School and taught them how to go into the spirit – into the Presence. A number of them saw visions of Jesus and were deeply touched. I shared in the church about doing the greater works than Jesus. After the service we prayed for people with Holy Spirit anointing many with many healings and many testimonies of how God had healed since the previous prayer. A great excitement has built up as we have ministered and the expectation has increased, with greater flow of the Spirit being seen due to the increased expectation.

P1040161We went to a wedding where the groom waits for about 2-3 hours for the bride to arrive, during which time the guests have a feast and so when she arrives in a car decorated with flowers and garlands all the focus is on her. Since the houses are not spacious enough for a wedding a tent is erected in a street which is then blocked for traffic, lights are put up and the wedding which is an all night celebration is held right there in the street! P1040152

We were treated to lunch in a restaurant which was very good and then visited 2 houses and prayed with the families. Marietha and I both got gifts of cloth for an outfit which will be tailored on Monday. In Pakistan it takes one day to make an outfit specially tailored for you. In the evening we travelled to Sha Kot which is an hour away from Faisalabad to visit a church that was born out of Pastor Shakeel’s mother church in Faisalabad.

P1040204About 150 people were crammed into a small building and as you can see the women sit on the Right side and the men on the left. I did corporate deliverance from fear. The result was great and instantaneous – freedom and joy! Praise God for His power and authority. We then prayed for the sick and for anointing and again we had to get the people to stand up so we could move among them to pray. God healed many and evil oppression was broken in some lives. P1040250One young lady had been oppressed for a long time and had visited a sorcerer who said there was no help for her and when we started praying she manifested and passed out. I spoke to her and she awoke and we commanded the demons to leave together and it was a very gentle deliverance. The pastors’ daughter has some type of eczema that has caused her skin to los colour and it is very itchy – we prayed for her and are trusting God to heal her completely. What a gorgeous, loving child!

As I prayed for a man, he was not receiving and I felt the flow of the Spirit bounce back and a lady waiting for prayer behind me received it and fell under the spirit and was unconscious for 20 minutes! It is so moving and humbling to see such hunger and desire for God in the midst of abject poverty and physical lack. I slept in the car on the way back and fell into bed exhausted when we got home after 12h00.


I set my alarm for 5am since Pastor Sakeel asked me to share at the Morning Prayer meeting at 05h30. About 35 people were present and after some singing and prayer I shared on Jer 2:12-13 before praying for a release of the River of Life in the people. Two families arrived for prayer for the release from spiritual oppression and it was so beautiful to see the joy break out spontaneously after deliverance.

We have a meeting ay 15h00 and another at 19h00, so we will have a late night and then I must be up at 05h30 again! I’m looking forward to getting home…to a less punishing schedule. Pakistanis have a long day and it is normal for them to get up early and work late…most shops are open until 23h00 or midnight.

We visited 2 families and prayed in their houses before going to Mehu Buub town, a rural area that is also very impoverished. We visited the Sunday School with about 70 children there, we had quite a blessed time but unfortunately they had not prepared properly so we had to wait about an hour before we started and so our time was limited since we were scheduled to visit a church in Nazareth Colony at 7pm. It grieved us all that we could not minister fully due to the time constraint.

PB220143The church in Nazareth Colony had already completed 2 nights of special services in preparation for our visit and so the people were very open in the spirit. We did corporate deliverance for fear and then I shared on receiving, after which we moved straight into ministering. There was a different very gentle anointing with people passing out as I blew gently on them and most were unconscious for a longer period than normal.                                                                         PB220144Three young men were under the Spirit for about 1 hour, speaking in tongues, and quite a few people saw Jesus or angels and many lives were changed as a result of the powerful touch of Holy Spirit. One of the young men who woke up from being under the Spirit only after 1½ hours testified as we were leaving that he had seen and dined with Jesus. We heard afterwards that the three young men were the hooligans, the drunkards and dropouts of the community and the whole community was amazed and pleased at seeing God touching them. They were also not saved or baptised in the spirit before, but Holy Spirit baptised them when they fell down!

It was beautiful to see the incredible PEACE on the faces of the people the Holy Spirit touched.

PB220160Quite a few young boys of 10 – 12 were laughing and mocking what was happening and I expected they would not receive, but they passed out in quick succession, as I touched them lightly and even one who resisted to the point of bending over backwards, at a 90 degree angle, finally passed out under the spirit.

One elderly man who was deaf for the past 2 years had normal hearing restored after casting out the deaf and dumb spirit.                                                               As I was telling Marietha PB220123about it and saying what amazed me is that he could not even understand the prayer, yet he was healed. She pointed out that he could not even hear the prayer since he was totally deaf! Good point! He was actually more surprised than I was when he was totally healed.

Thankfully God heals even when our  faith is not fully activated.

It is now 00:45 and I must be up in 4.5 hours…..Goodnight.


I was up for the prayer meeting at 05h30 and shared on how to pray for deliverance, teaching the church members that they can flow in the Spirit.

Marietha ministered at the ladies’ intercessory meeting while I visited 2 families with Pastor Sakeel to pray for spiritual oppression and then we visited the school. After Marietha shared with the children  we prayed for them all with Marietha having many prophetic words for them.

We then went to Naveeds’ church and Marietha shared a beautiful word on Unity, then I led the corporateP1040260 deliverance from fear in preparation for impartation. Holy Spirit moved mightily with Marietha ministering healing of brokenness while about half the people were slain in the Spirit. Many were deeply touched including those who did not fall with visions of Jesus being a common manifestation. An interesting phenomenon was that His face is always described as not being clearly visible while his white robe is blindingly bright.

The pastor told me afterwards that as he moved through the crowd he felt the tangible Presence of God and had trouble staying upright. We anointed him and he received even more. Pastor Javeed also testified that as he was catching people he felt the power of Holy Spirit so strongly that he struggled to P1040265stay standing. We honour Holy Spirit for His Presence and Anointing moving so powerfully to touch His people who are so hungry for more of Jesus.

Marietha was a great hit with the ladies!

While having lunch at 4pm a 14 year old boy came for prayer. He had been cursed and had great fear and uncontrollable shaking at school. As we started to pray his hands started shaking uncontrollably and we discerned a spirit of oppression. It was beautiful to see how God delivered him as we addressed the spirit in him and he left smiling and happy.

We then said tearful goodbyes to people who had crept into our hearts and prayed with Pastor Naveed’s family. I received a prophetic word for Pastor Naveed that he would start moving in the power of the Holy Spirit with healings and the Anointing falling on people. We then left for the eventful ride to the airport. Holy Spirit had showed Marietha that the enemy was trying to disrupt our journey and that there would be problems and there were – we ran out of gas and had to wait while Azim went to buy petrol. This ran out before we reached a gas station so Azim got a Tuc-Tuc to push us about 4Km to the Gas station – he put his foot out of his 100cc motorcycle Tuc-Tuc and pushed us with his foot! Near Lahore the petrol pipe started leaking and Azim’s inventiveness and skill came to the rescue as he fixed it on the spot. Thankfully we were only delayed and even then were not late for our flight to Abu Dhabi.

Startling Confession – Pastor Naveed

On the way to the airport Pastor Naveed made a startling confession! I could hear that there was an PB230174urgency in him to tell us this story and he was very serious about it so I recorded it and have transcribed it. He told us how when I anointed him and just started praying for him on Saturday night when he fell forward onto me, he saw the following vision:

I saw a big gate in heaven, the gate opened and a beautiful light shone out of heaven on me and it engulfed Chris. I then saw thousands of people worshipping God and the land was beautiful. Holy Spirit told me to give a testimony but I decided to do it the next day and as I fell asleep that night I felt Holy Spirit poke me in the ribs and He told me to get up and pray, so I prayed through the night without sleeping at all!

On Sunday night I fell again under the anointing again when I caught someone who was falling and while I was laying on the ground I saw two people in white robes holding me by my wrists and I asked where they were taking me, they said “Don’t be afraid, we are taking you to a good place” and they then took me to the Throne and I saw the figure of an old man in white robes on the throne and he said the same thing “Don’t be afraid, as the anointing from Elijah was transferred to Elisha, I will transfer the anointing from Chris to you and you will do the same things and you will continue to be blessed by Marietha and Chris in the future in Pakistan. I will be using Chris many times in Pakistan in the future”.

I then heard many people shrieking and crying and I asked “Why the people are crying?” God showed me the scene and Chris was sitting there praying for the people were kneeling asking for prayer and the people were crying and longing for Chris to pray for them. The same two people sat me down and told me I must give a testimony but when I got up I decided again to do it the next day and so I disobeyed the HS again and as I fell asleep that night I felt HS poke me in the ribs and He told me to get up and pray again, so I prayed through the night without sleeping at all for the second night running! (What a wonderful confirmation Pastor Naveed received in the prophetic word HS gave him just before we left for the airport.)

On Monday night as I was holding a person I again fell under the spirit and I saw a scene where Chris, Marietha, I and two other people were praying for people and they were being blessed and baptised in the Spirit and speaking in tongues and when I came to my senses HS forced me to give the testimony but I again decided to do it the next day and so I disobeyed the HS again and as I fell asleep that night I felt HS poke me again in the ribs and He told me to get up and pray so I prayed through the night without sleeping at all for the third night in a row! As I was praying HS told me that I was disobedient and if I did not obey I would be corrected.

In the morning I decided I would share the testimony in the afternoon service at Eliabad but there was no time since there were so many people to pray for. When the vehicle broke down 3 times I realised that HS is speaking to me and I am the cause of the trouble we are having so I forced myself to share the testimony now while we are going to the airport because I will not sleep tonight either.

Pastor Naveed then testified that he had seen so many people healed, saved and baptised in the spirit during this trip that he realises God sent us directly to Pakistan!

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