Zimbabwe Feedback – join us for Easter Conference!

“You are not going as a spectator, but with an assignment to minister healing to Pastors and their wives and to teach them to enter My heavenly places. I will go with you and will impart My Spirit through you.” This is the direct translation by Surprise Sithole (who can speak the language) of the message given in a Congolese language spoken in tongues by an American! (See the full story at  http://www.loveinspires.co.za/2011/10/pentecost-gift-of-tongues/#more-44)
This message from God was a direct confirmation of what Holy Spirit had instructed me to do in Tanzania in September 2011, so in obedience I… "Go and make disciples…"… in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Pakistan and DRC to minister deliverance from FEAR (False Expectations Appearing Real), to impart the Baptism of Fire and to teach leaders and disciples how to enter into the Presence of God.

My vision is to take groups of people on Short Mission Trips to experience the move of Holy Spirit as well as cross-cultural fellowship. This will enrich your walk and change your outlook and viewpoint!  Although costs are not very high and luxuries not included, not all who have the heart to go have the finances…so contributions are welcome! (I have been funding trips myself up to now but cannot continue – the company I stopped working for on 2 September last year still owes me money from April and September last year – please pray with me that God will touch them!)

Job Ngema, Sam from DRC and I ministered from Wed 22 – Mon 27 February in Southern Zimbabwe with Pastor Jefrey Farai. The objective was to build-up and expand the local churches which have suffered greatly in the persecution of the past few years, with ministry focussing on teaching people how to enter into the Spirit, praying for healing and restoration as well as releasing the Fire of Revival. This trip also served as preparation for the Easter Ministry trip where we will have everyone together for follow-up at Bethel, Rungai Village for an Easter Conference.

A full day was used travelling there and back and we travelled 2250 Km in 6 days and visited 8 different places, having 10 services in the 4 days we were ministering!! The roads are not too bad except for the fact that the journey moves from a tar road, to a dust road, to a track to following a footpath for last 5km or so, since many places we visited are deep rural villages. The people and Pastors were very grateful for the visit since few visitors ever get to them.

We had a very blessed time with Holy Spirit moving powerfully with many healings, deliverance from Fear and Unforgiveness and baptism in the Spirit. We started in Chiredzi with daytime temperature 43 degrees and at 23h00 that night the temperature was still 34 degrees! The next morning while on the way to Village 12 Job saw the dryness of the crops and prayed for rain, when the service started we had a few drops and we prayed for more rain and half an hour later a little more fell…we asked for it to rain all night.


We got lost in the mountains on our way to Shashe and were contemplating sleeping in the bush, when God miraculously led  people who showed us the way to where we were in the bush. We had a late night service and were too exhausted to join the people as they continued in an all-night prayer service…after we went to bed it rained all night!! Thankfully we were not in the bush! It would have been very uncomfortable with 5 of us with luggage in the bakkie.

We then went on to Mojakata and then Village 12 where we had 50 people squeezed into a small house. We had a very anointed time of worship and sharing the word and Holy Spirit instructed us to pray for the baptism in the spirit. Most people had never heard of the Baptism in the Spirit so after a very short teaching and explanation we prayed… and 30 seconds later we had over 40 people praising God in tongues.!! We experienced the glorious Presence of God as we and the Angels rejoiced!! Again it rained all night.

At Bethel, Rungai Village (Photos of the relatively luxurious facilities are below) we had the most difficult time of the trip with spiritual attacks of witchcraft and drums being beaten all night in the area (about 4-5 km away). This area is a stronghold of witchcraft and when I was there in 1994 for an Easter Conference with 1000 people we had to constantly stand firm against the attacks. The main effect of the attack is EXTREME tiredness in the meeting and lethargy in the people, with many headaches and body pain manifesting…even in the small children! Thankfully prayer removes the headaches and pains but Job was affected quite negatively… feeling physically ill.

Bethel – Rungai Village: The Hall is big enough to accommodate 1000 people. As you can see the housing is very basic, but modern and the walls are painted inside.


On this trip we stayed with the villagers and whilst mostly clean, the amenities are very basic. Toilets are flat-style pit toilets with a small hole so aiming whilst squatting is a challenge. At Bethel we were blessed with a toilet seat mounted on a beer crate which was pure luxury! We took bottled water with so had no major stomach problems and we also took a lot of eggs with us, so breakfast was an egg on bread with tea. Lunch and dinner were mainly sadsa (a fine mielie pap) with one small piece of chicken (the Zimbabwean chickens are very small and very TOUGH).

On our way home we met up with Pastor Erasmus Malongane in Polokwane and he prayed for Job with a powerful deliverance and refreshing joy being released. He took us for lunch to the Steers in Polokwane and with Job and Sam being Evangelists lunch extended to 4 hours with them leading 9 people to the Lord and bringing them to me for healing and deliverance!

We are looking forward to a group of about 10-15 people joining us at Easter – we will be at Chiredzi for a day and a half and then at Rungai Village for the rest of the time. Take 2 day’s leave and start off early morning on Wednesday 4th April and leave for SA on Monday 9th to be at work on Tuesday 10th April. We can have a second group join us for the Conference itself – Take 1 day leave and start off early morning on Thursday 5th and leave for home on Monday 9th to be at work on Tuesday 10th.

Please contact me directly as soon as possible if you would like to join us. Due to the poverty in Zimbabwe we will need to provide our own food and traveling costs. Entry costs and Road Tax per vehicle is R570-00. Distance to Rungai Village about 750Km.
(Cost estimated at R1 000 to R1 500 per person. The more who go with us, the lower the cost.)

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