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There was an excitement in my spirit about this trip to Zimbabwe for quite some time as Holy Spirit prepared us for what was to come. On Saturday 4 August I held  the second ‘In His Presence’ workshop at Living Word Montana. We had exactly double the number of people (from 34 the first time to 68 this time) and double the anointing. Holy Spirit moved in power as I allowed Him to flow and He performed some unexpected deliverance and emotional healing in many people. This created an excitement and expectation, since the next Saturday 11 August I would present the same workshop to Pastors and Leaders in Zimbabwe.

Since it was a long weekend we decided to leave earlier than planned to beat the crowds to the border – so we left at 20:30 expecting to hit the border at 02:00… An abnormal load truck got stuck in the tunnel near Louis Trichardt so we had to detour through the villages around Witvlag and finally reached the border at 04:45 to be faced with about 5 000 people in 3 very long queues. After about 4 hours Jimmy found a shorter queue which ended in the same place as the long queue so we moved and saved about 6 hours at the border. Thankfully it was MUCH warmer than Pretoria where it snowed the previous day, so we didn’t even need jackets. To cut a long and very tiring story short, we got through the South African side, which had only 4 officials on duty, only 7 hours later and then faced the Zimbabwe side which was always the slower side, but we got through in 1 and a half hours!!  It is sad that our South African efficiency is now being eclipsed by Zimbabwe. So without having had much sleep we had breakfast at 14:00 and finally arrived at Bethel in Rungai village at 16:00 – an hour after the service was scheduled to start and so went straight into the service.

We spent most of the first service praying for the sick and saw a number of healings. We had the second service at 20:00 and Holy Spirit gave me a word about the clash between light and dark and while we had quite a few demonic manifestations in the meeting we saw lots of healing and deliverance. The stronghold in the Rungai region has always been strong – even in the late 1980’s – and we felt the clash in the spirit. The prophetic promises about the restoration of the work at Rungai was very exciting. At 23:00 we fell into bed and slept very well.

On Friday at 06:00 I took the bags of the people joining us to the main road and then we travelled to Nyajena village. The final 5 Km was a very rocky footpath through the hills so we left the car at a homestead and ferried the people to Nyajena. We could not travel the final 1Km so left the bakkie at a homestead and walked the 250m shortcut. By the time we had put up our tents it was time for the evening service. There were 17 Pastors and Leaders there mixed in with about 20 church members.

Holy Spirit arrived in power from the first song and I saw moving lights in the spirit as we worshiped. I heard the prompting of the Spirit to take some photos as He said I would see on the photos what I could not see with my eyes. I took a few photos with my phone but didn’t see anything unusual as I took them. After sitting down I remembered the prompting and so looked at the photos I had taken and to my amazement saw the same lights I had seen in the spirit. There were a few candles on the floor and a LED light behind me…but no physical lights near the area of these lights. In the Bible many manifestations of God, Jesus and Angels appearing were accompanied with a bright light – these lights are very bright but we were unaware of their presence – we just felt the presence of God in the room. as you can see the light was moving around… I regret not taking more photographs. These photos were all taken within 1 minute and 11 seconds of each other – from 20:29.22 to 20:30.33 on 2012-08-10

2012-08-10 20.29.222012-08-10 20.29.472012-08-10 20.30.332012-08-10 20.30.262012-08-10 20.30.02

After the worship I introduced the teaching on practicing the Presence and after praying for the sick we were very tired and went to sleep. We all had supernatural experiences on Friday night, seeing lights shining in the tents – these were seen with open eyes!…and we felt the Presence of God in the area as well as the spiritual attack of darkness and witchcraft. We also experienced a major attack of division between us as a team, with the enemy working hard on this.

On Saturday I taught the workshop in all 3 services with Holy Spirit moving powerfully as people entered into the Spirit. In the evening I again saw lights in the spirit when my eyes were closed, but when opening my eyes I could see nothing. At the time I did not think to take more photos – it was such a  surreal feeling that I was not thinking well. On Sunday morning Holy Spirit again moved mightily with a spirit of deep repentance moving in some and joy in others. I heard today that the same deep repentance manifested at Living Word Montana on Sunday morning as well.

2012-08-12 14.32.252012-08-12 14.30.372012-08-12 14.31.592012-08-12 14.29.32

The Team – Marguerite, Ronel (in purple), Chris and Tania (in green top) with Jimmy
at a massive Baobab tree about an hour from the Zimbabwe – South Africa border.

We have been invited to return to Bethel, Rungai at the end of October to do a week long School of Supernatural Ministry. We will also be going to Bethel, Rungai for the Easter Conference – in 1995 when I was there last we had 1 000 delegates, and we are trusting the prophetic Word God gave that He would  rebuild this church to surpass that.

The road to Rungai is good – cars can travel it easily, and the facilities are quite acceptable although basic. I would like to take a larger team, (especially women who can teach and minister to the women) so please let me know if you would like to join. This will be a long-term work as we partner with Bethel, Rungai to establish the Body of Christ in Zimbabwe, I expect we will visit about 6 times a year.

We are starting a Community Upliftment Programme with Poverty Relief through Farming God’s Way and other initiatives – please contact me if you have experience in this field.

Blessings in Christ


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