Bethel, Rungai Village, Zimbabwe

Photographs show what we fail to see with the naked eye! SPIRIT BUBBLES / SPIRIT RAIN – What is this?

These almost transparent Supernatural lights (Spirit bubbles / Spirit rain?) in the air above us during worship at Bethel Church, Rungai, Zimbabwe on 1 December 2012 were not visible to the naked eye! The Presence of God was very strong and a few people saw lights flashing and moving in the spirit whenever we closed our eyes. Landie was taking random photos in the dark and the photos before and after these ones have none of the lights that appear on these photos.The orange dots in the last photo with many "spirit raindrops" are the 2 candles which were the only source of light in the hall. Links to the original photos at a higher resolution are at the bottom of this newsletter.


As I was teaching my right hand was burning and shortly after this photo was taken it increased to the point that it was physically painful and I had to call 3 people up for prayer so I could release the charge that had built up. I wonder if the light was causing the burning or was a result of the anointing? There is a very faint circle in front of and to the left of Joseph’s head – slightly overlapping his head.

3 years old and going into the spirit! 
When we went into the spirit this little boy joined us in the spirit…the flash distracted him and he opened his eyes then closed them and went back into the spirit and then promptly fell over under the power of the Spirit and "slept" for quite a while.
Feedback of Zimbabwe Mission Trip

Holy Spirit spoke to many people beforehand about this trip…saying that it would be very anointed and blessed and would be a turning point in Zimbabwe and in my ministry. God is so faithful, all He promised was fulfilled and so much more…
20121202_134236The team at a massive Baobab tree on the way to Masvingo

I was wondering whether I should leave the detail out of these newsletters since people are so busy that very few people actually read them.  As I was wondering it dropped into my spirit that Scripture predicts exactly this scenario…saying that in the end days it will be as in the days of Noah…people so very busy doing their own thing that they miss the signs of the times and the MOVE of God that is sent to DELIVER them from impending destruction… and as in those days there WILL be very few who hear and see spiritual realities! A number of people have also asked me to keep the detail as they are very encouraged by the testimonies of the Greatness of God… So, this newsletter is written to encourage those few who have an ear to hear…who want more of precious Holy Spirit… and who take the time and effort to read the newsletter
Rev 12:11 clearly states how important our testimony is…so I give this testimony of the greatness of God in using earthen vessels to clearly display his Glory and greatness.
“And they have conquered him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, for they loved not their lives even unto death.”
This scripture was impressed upon me many years ago and it is being realised in greater measure more and more in this season… the laying down of fleshly desires and sensual pleasure is a major theme of the messages given to me…applicable firstly to me. I want to clearly state that referrals to my part in the testimony are not intended to raise me up, but to encourage you by seeing that if God can use me… a very imperfect but willing earthen vessel, then He can and will use YOU…if YOU are WILLING and OBEY!! The same goes for the team who I was so blessed to work with on this Mission Trip…most of them so very young and inexperienced in ministry…and yet in total surrender and submission to Holy Spirit – so VERY POWERFUL in the Spirit… This comes from obedience to the commandment of Jesus: Mat 16:24-25 Then Jesus told his disciples, "If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it." The team members were each  so willing to lay down their will and press into the Spirit…into Jesus…it was such a joy, honour and privilege for me to see…and in contrast to this it pains me to see “mature” Christians and ‘leaders’ who are so self-focussed that they are not a patch on these spiritual warriors who so willingly hear, listen and obey. It is the season for the church to Awaken!!…The sons of God are being revealed…they are going through the birth pangs of suffering… Elizabeth Kubler Ross says it so poignantly:
"The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, sensitivity and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen." 
In the early 90’s I visited and ministered at Bethel (The house of God) in Rungai Village, Masvingo Province – 720Km from Pretoria – quite a lot up to August 1994 when my best friend Ps Cuthbert Farai who was Overseer of 40 churches, died. Through power struggles and disunity in the church in Zimbabwe as well as in the church in South Africa that was overseeing and assisting the work in Zimbabwe, these churches regressed into traditionalism.  I was prevented from continuing the good work the Lord was doing by the church in South Africa and lost contact with the people there.      In January this year God miraculously brought me into contact with Jefree Farai, Cuthbert’s firstborn who became a Pastor, and this was our 3rd visit this year.
In the early 1990’s we experienced a lot of witchcraft attacks and did a lot of intercession which lifted the oppression a lot and of course Cuthbert stood strongly against it on a continual basis. On the 1st visit in February I realised that there was nobody standing against the strongman and it had overrun the church… two seasoned Evangelists were with me and the spiritual warfare was hectic…a spirit of slumber came over us and it was almost impossible to stay awake and intercede during services. On the 2nd trip we only had 1 service at Bethel and a team of 3…one of the intercessors physically saw a massive baboon-like creature sitting next to me during worship and while I felt its presence and was standing against it in the spirit, I did not see it. The team did intercession and the spiritual atmosphere only improved slightly. God gave me a message about standing against darkness by releasing light which confronted the stronghold.
On this 3rd trip we had 10 practical sessions in 3½ days and with a team of 8 people who joined me and who sustained the warfare by being engaged in the spirit and being led by the Spirit and as a result we saw incredible breakthroughs. 20121129_201722

The ladies doing spiritual warfare during worship


The battle was tough with many physical pains and fears manifesting, but the team pressed through…praying for each other until the pain was cast out and with each service we could feel a marked decrease in the strength of the oppression. Having a ZCC priest with one or two of his members in the sessions added a new dimension of warfare. A few of us also needed to do warfare some nights for about 2 hours at a time…standing against the strongman of witchcraft which threatened our lives and released a spirit of oppression and fear. I have never seen such freedom in such a short time from such a heavy spirit of oppression from witchcraft and hopeless poverty. The team were absolutely amazing!! Fearlessly and courageously they stood up against a very entrenched Regional strongman, interceding inside and outside the church and bringing relief incredibly fast. By the 3rd day there was only a slight oppression in one corner of the church and the JOY of the LORD erupted in the congregation!! This is when the supernatural presence manifested as seen in the photographs above.

Ecstatic Worship…20121129_200150

  Mzungu 20121130_184500Shona ladies…fetched water at the river





We had from 70 to 100 people in the services and many were healed and delivered and to top it all MOST of the healings were effected by the Spirit flowing through the team members. I presented a practical Workshop of Supernatural Ministry which was well received…with some people flowing strongly in the spirit. I believe we laid a solid foundation…on our next visit in February we will see whether the principles and exercises have been implemented and the people have grown…or not. We prayed for the Baptism in the Spirit for 90% of the people…including the pastors!! This will give them a turbo boost in the Spirit. What was amazing was to see the children going into the spirit!!…from 3 year olds up to 12 year olds went in very deeply. God is raising a new generation…what a privilege to see them in action!!…and to be involved in mentoring them!!… both those in Zimbabwe and in my team.
On Saturday an old man came into the service and was healed of pain…then the team ministered to him while I continued teaching but nothing was happening… then I noticed he had a string around his neck…I told them he needed to remove the string and break his covenant with witchcraft which he did and they took him outside and he was delivered and got breakthrough. I just heard from a Zimbabwean that he is a Pastor of a church who gives his members "holy water" and strings. This is typical of the mixing of Christianity and local witchcraft… a great problem in Africa….especially in rural areas.

After the August Mission Trip Jefree arranged for an Evangelist to visit Rungai and 30 people accepted Jesus. Bethel has started a Missions Fund to pay for transport for the Evangelists to travel around to the rural areas. We managed to donate US$100 to the Missions Fund and another US$400 to the Conference costs and to Jefree himself. As Overseer over all the churches in that area Jefree gets about US$10 per month which does not even cover his transport costs. I would like us to donate sturdy bicycles for the Evangelists…so if you want to contribute please mail me:

The links to the photographs at a higher resolution (40kb) are:

I realise that personal experiences and even the difficulties people have can help other people relate and get answers for their own struggles. Some of the team members sent their testimonies of the Mission Trip which speak far more clearly than I can and will encourage and inspire you:

The unity was amazing. I’ve never experienced such unity and truly believe it was the Spirit that kept the team together. To see the progression through the trip was awesome. Day one you could feel and see the oppression in the people and in the spirit, but as three or four people stepped up and started standing against the attacks, you could see how the people and the spirit started to become lighter.
As some of the team took bold steps in ministering to the people, miracles were released and supernatural healing started happening, not only in the people who were ministered to, but to those who ministered. It was amazing to see how these team members started standing up in their authority and started to minister with more confidence and faith.
Personally… my flesh was killed.
The first and the second day, I had extreme pain in my neck, the pain didn’t go away. As soon as I repented from jealousy and envy, the pain disappeared immediately and didn’t return.
I went with a lot of preconceived ideas… and the Lord came and broke down every single one of them. He challenged the way I judged people and perceived them, he revealed to me the pride, envy and jealousy in my own heart…He placed me in situations where I had no choice but to connect with people I would usually have avoided. But while He was breaking down my flesh, He used those same people I judged, to fill me with love, to show me compassion. Releasing something in me I definitely did not feel I deserve.
Chris, it was amazing to see the way you ministered to the people of Zimbabwe. I could see a freedom in you and the team. It was incredible. Blessings.

I always thought there was something wrong with me, since I never fell under the power when somebody laid hands on me.  I felt saddened by this and wanted to really feel the power of God – I really desired it.  However, I normally experience something I can only describe as a blinding white light inside me that I can see with my spirit when certain people laid hands on me.  I also experienced very little physically during the “In His Presence” workshop, nothing more than a light current of electricity flowing through me.  I could feel the anointing and knew the Spirit was moving and could easily get word for somebody, but I wanted to physically feel the power of God.  I went home a little depressed as a result. 
During our mission trip to Zimbabwe, Holy Spirit really touched me and taught me to be more receptive and sensitive in the spirit.  I started receiving easier and was able to flow with greater ease, to the degree that I could feel the power building up inside me, wanting to release.  At first I could feel the power of the Spirit on my hands (heat and electricity-like sensation) and later on my whole body felt like it was charged with electricity.  By day 3, I could release with much greater ease and people who were open to receive felt the power as well.  One or two people started manifesting and some fell under the power.  I now know that God is working through me and it gives me great joy.
I was amazed at the unity amongst the team-members, people who, in most cases didn’t even know each other.  The bond came naturally and easy – again only Holy Spirit could have done this. The unity was vital in standing against the enemy. (Chris comment: This is a VITALLY important truth – UNITY is KEY in spiritual warfare!)
I had to fight Spiritual battles and the enemy constantly came with many attacks, trying to confuse me, bring doubt, fear, etc. (Chris comment: Mat 11:12  From the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven has suffered violence, and the violent take it by force.  This is another KEY in spiritual warfare!)

What I found amazing was the fact that a group of people who didn’t really know each other worked together in unity from the start.  Holy Spirit was in control from the word GO and everybody flowed in obedience so He could do what He wanted to.  It was also an inexperienced team but we worked together as if we knew exactly what to do.  ALL THE GLORY TO GOD!!!
I liked the feedback times we had after each session and that you asked us to give input on how we experienced each session. I want to say the way you allow us to grow is amazing to me:  you gave us freedom and you trusted us.  If and when you correct, you always do it in love as the Word commands and you are always there to give security like a father figure should.
What I also saw you do through the 3 days was to uplift each group member by taking them aside and blessing them – or whatever you did by speaking to them.  The mentoring you did was very needed by most of us because we are still in a healing process.  To hear that you see we are growing and to highlight the positive areas / points of the progression process is so great!  You know that this is so scarce today and for you to give it is like ointment on a wound.  Like all the other things you do, you SHOW the power of God – you don’t just talk about it.  This is like the River of Living Water flowing from your spirit to ours!  Thank you!
I’m just wondering if you did it on purpose the first day by not saying anything to us in terms of what we needed to do in the session – we didn’t have a meeting before the time.  One or two of us stood up when you started teaching to intercede and the rest kept on sitting down.  Later on the team started knowing what it was all about but from the start they didn’t really know. It might be a good way of learning and letting people hear from the Holy Spirit themselves.  Or maybe we should have a meeting to hear what you expect from us but that can also be forcing people too much.  That is really up to you.  I’m OK with it because I like the freedom but some people might want more structure on a trip like this. 
(Chris’ comment: I specifically avoid placing expectations on people and intentionally give them freedom to be who they are at the stage they are and to be led by the Spirit of God which distinguishes them as the sons of God. Especially with an inexperienced team like this where most are going through healing it is important not to overwhelm them with expectations to do what they feel under-equipped to do or inadequate to fulfil. I would have been quite happy if everyone wanted only to participate in the workshop themselves, although this would have left me battling the stronghold myself – so I was very thankful for the awesome help the team contributed by carrying this burden…leaving me to flow in the spirit.  Stepping into spiritual warfare should ALWAYS be done willingly and ONLY when led by Holy Spirit. By not giving instructions, I could be sure that what the team did was Spirit-led and this was a great encouragement for me – a shining testimony to the greatness of God…AND an AWESOME demonstration of what Holy Spirit is capable of doing with His young and inexperienced little children: Luk 10:20-21  Nevertheless, do not rejoice in this, that the spirits are subject to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven."  In that same hour he rejoiced in the Holy Spirit and said, "I thank you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that you have hidden these things from the wise and understanding and revealed them to little children; yes, Father, for such was your gracious will. Mar 10:15 Truly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it.")

TESTIMONY 4: Wow.. Everything is a bit of a blur.. seeing as we spent most of the time in the spirit, so I don’t have much detail… (Chris: Yes this happens every time!!)
What I found most amazing is just how Holy Spirit instantly downloaded everything I needed to do, in order to effectively warfare and intercede, into my spirit… and my limited spiritual vocabulary (about 3 words) did not have an effect whatsoever. I also feel extremely blessed to have been able to be part of the team and witness all the wonderful works of our Father!

TESTIMONY 5: I don’t know where to start, I had no idea what to expect from this but I knew that I’m not coming back the same. Something inside me changed. I was amazed to see how we connected to each other, maybe just because I didn’t hold back. I was just myself. With the very first church session I was totally overwhelmed by the emotions that I could feel from the people. When Chris took me outside to feel what’s outside, I couldn’t believe it. I felt and saw heavy stuff but wasn’t scared because I felt God’s peace and love. I knew He and the angels were fighting a battle for us. I saw His layer of protection around us and around each person being there. It was amazing to see how people reacted to Him and when I stood next to Chris when he ministered to people, I could clearly see how their spirit came alive! That was amazing. Sometimes I felt silly doing stuff I had no idea why. I felt like sealing the windows but when Chris told me I’m doing the right stuff it was like "Yeah I’m actually listening!"
It was amazing to see that child going into the spirit, it felt like somehow he felt at peace when I sat in front of him. Like I’m protecting him. Same way when I put my hand on the baby’s spirit and he smiled and when I took it away he stopped. When I put it back he smiled again. I’m sure now that they saw something maybe the light inside me or the angels around me. But something calms them when I’m there. I know this wasn’t me.
I was amazed by what I felt in the people by just looking at them. I felt like coming home – like the lost son returning. I’m totally honoured to be His tool and now even more open to be used for His glory. Was a little disappointed because I wanted them and the team to feel the Joy of the Lord. Sometimes it felt like it was coming out at the wrong time but it’s God’s joy and not mine and He knows when it’s the right time. He really made me do stuff that’s totally out of my comfort zone, like singing to people but it felt awesome. Our God is an awesome God!! The more I seek Him the more I find Him, the more I found Him, the more I fell in love with Him.

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