Prayer of Supplication and Grace for salvation

See the person as someone who really needs you to stand in the gap and you need to pray with deep compassion. It is a good idea to first pray for the Compassion of Christ that releases the power of God:

Father God, I repent of my own sin of not giving over to you for so long, for living according to my own desires and rejecting your free gift of salvation as well as… (You confess your similar sins, whether done before or not) and I ask that you will forgive (Name) for (List the things you see in their life as comprehensively as possible). Holy Spirit thank You for drawing (Name) to Jesus. Father God, I ask You to apprehend (Name) with your Spirit of Grace and Supplication in the night and give (Name) a revelation of Jesus in visions, dreams or any other way that will cause (Name) to turn to You and experience salvation and a supernatural, intimate relationship with You. Father God, thank You that I can bless (Name) to be delivered from his/her evil as written in Acts 3:26.


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