Workplace Prayer & Prayer Trigger – Prayer Target

I have received a lot of very positive feedback on the Workplace Prayer and the Prayer Trigger – Prayer Target …people find them very effective tools.

You can pray them all as often as necessary…

If you have someone you can trust to pray with it is best…where 2 or 3 are gathered in My Name, there I am in the midst…You can then pray the Prayer for fear together and do the Divine Editing on each other.

If you are alone it still helps to pray for yourself…

This Workplace prayer is an adaptation of the prayer In red below…

It will be best for you to adapt it for your situation…if necessary…write it down and pray it for 30 days!!


Recently, I have heard about and seen many instances where situations are arising in the workplace as well as in homes that point to an attack of division and the breaking down of relationships, together with an attack on the Divine health we should be enjoying. Obviously this is the work of the enemy and so first and best reaction is counter-attack! General Schwartzkopf said an imperfect plan implemented immediately is always far more effective than a perfect plan implemented later! He said imperfect PLAN….NOT a knee-jerk reaction…so it is important to evaluate the situation and to devise a plan.

We must remember that we don’t battle against flesh and blood (people) but against Principalities, Powers and World-Rulers in the spiritual realm. What is it to war in the spirit?

We CANNOT fight darkness….light DISPLACES darkness!

Bring the LIGHT…BE the LIGHT!!

This is the only effective way of gaining the victory! So how do we do this…practically?

  1. Do NOT look at the situation and get into performance or ‘fix it’ mode – this is operating in the flesh, which is exactly where satan wants you! This is His world…and he drags you down to His level and beats you with experience.
  2. Look PAST the situation and see what is happening – what evil spirit is working? Get into the Spirit and Holy Spirit will speak to you…what is the character of the spirit that is working?
  3. Jesus always came in the opposite spirit – He said: Love those who hate you, bless those who curse you and pray for those who despitefully use you.
  4. Get a group of people together to stand in the truth who will be light, be peace, be joy in the situation. This is NOT a prayer meeting!! Prayer meetings so often become griping sessions about all the negative stuff…unfortunately they often, very effectively activate a spirit of depression and discontentment. This is a Joyous Celebration of Thanksgiving and declaration of the Victory of Jesus over EVERY enemy! Keep it upbeat! Stop people from breaking the Joy.
  5. Let each person do the following:
    1. Share testimonies and happy stories about what God has done – recently or long ago – activate faith!!  Thank God for as much as possible:
      • I woke up breathing this morning!
      • I have a job!…etc.
      • Declare the Goodness of God – his attributes and faithfulness.
      • Pray blessings on the people at work, the management and on the company.
    2. Pray this prayer:
        1. Father God, we declare that you are God and we are not. You are in control and we acknowledge this as we submit to You and desire that Your will be done in every area of our lives.
        2. We choose to resist the working of the enemy in our lives and in our environment.
        3. Jesus is the resurrection and the LIFE, so we speak life into the death in these relationships and situations. We choose against death and embrace life… and we release LIFE!!
        4. We take up the authority Jesus gave to us and as we take charge of the situation, and we break the power of the spirit of hypnotism that makes bad things look good and good things look bad.
        5. Father, shine Your Light in the situation and bring all darkness to the Light – reveal Your righteousness and reveal unrighteousness in me, in this situation and all the people involved in this situation.
        6. We pray that Your will be done in this situation and in this place as it is in heaven.
        7. We release Your peace that passes all understanding into this situation and into the relationships involved here.
        8. We resist the spirit of infirmity that causes disease and we declare its power broken because of the resurrection of Jesus, and we release resurrection life into the people who are sick here and those who are not present. We COMMAND healing and restoration in the lives of… (Name people individually by name, even those who do not know God yet.) Father we ask that you will save their souls, open their eyes to see Your Love, Grace and Mercy!

9. We celebrate your sovereignty and declare our trust in You to reveal Your will and Glory in the situation. Thank You Father. Amen.

10. Share edifying scriptures that will encourage each other.

11. STOP the meeting. It is important that it does not degenerate into a “normal” prayer meeting. It is intended to be short, sharp and powerful!

 Stop before it runs out of steam!

“Prayer Trigger, Prayer Target.”
That is where we identify some triggers and every time someone or something sets off the trigger, we focus our prayer on a target. The target must be something that would do the most damage to the kingdom of the enemy.
For example: Assume you see a poster or a billboard that was placed somewhere by an agent of the devil. At that stage you need to have a target.
For instance you can pray: “Lord, please save Fred!”
Obviously Fred should be someone who would hurt the kingdom of darkness if he enters into the Kingdom of Light.
With that said and with the current issues that have dominated the press in South Africa for the last couple of months I think we would do well if we pray against the hypnotising spirit and ask God to shine His light on the proceedings that will continue so that everything that should be seen will be seen.


Chris Albany

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  • crawford vernon
    09/08/2013 - 12:32 PM | Permalink

    Very timeuos and necessary. The doom and gloom that is so prevalent can only be disoersed
    by the people of God when we follow our EXAMPLE who gave us the prviledge of ushering in
    the Kingdom. We should read and watch the news so that we know how to pray positively into
    those situations
    Jesus can reign when we cleanse our hearts and minds of fear and hatred and pray without
    wanting our will but His

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