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www.LoveInspires.co.za chronicles a personal journey and insight gained in seeking and serving: firstly the King of Kings and then the Body of Christ.

Love – God (I AM) IS love, which means that He does not love because doing is a choice – His nature, character and essence is love which cannot be separated from Him.

Inspire – to breathe Life into. This is what God did to Adam, the man of dust, to transform him with an injection of Spirit into a spirit being (God inspired) living with a soul (Mind, will and emotions) in a body of dust (vehicle that does things)

Inspire – to encourage, to enthuse – this is what I would like this blog to do for you… open the way into the heavenly places by sharing how I get there

Inspires – to continually breathe life into – God breathes life into every part and area of our lives continually and I am passionate about discovering more areas of life and sharing them with people who love Life.

Human being – An individual person of humanity who is made in the image of God and who ideally focuses on BEing not DOing. We are NOT human DOings! This is key to accessing the spirit.

Chris Albany


  • 24/07/2012 - 4:52 PM | Permalink

    Dear Chris,
    Greetings from Kenya in Jesus name.We kindly request you to bring the gospel to Kenya.
    Thanks and God bless.
    Pastor John

  • corrien
    01/08/2012 - 6:25 PM | Permalink

    Could you please let me know what is the cost for the In HIs Presence workshop this coming weekend and also send telephone contact details of the workshop coordinator?
    Many thanks

  • corne van zyl
    07/03/2015 - 9:56 AM | Permalink

    I would like to find out when is your next level 1 course in Pretoria. Thank you corne

  • Tessie
    08/06/2015 - 2:59 PM | Permalink

    what is the date and cost for the next In His presence workshop?

    • 06/08/2015 - 7:11 AM | Permalink

      Hi Tessie
      5 September Level 1…please subscribe to the Newsletter for the latest information and dates…

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