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Mission trips

Pakistan – April 2012


God miraculously provided finances for Wilmar, Tania and me for this trip as well as Visas the day before we left, after the Pakistan Embassy initially refused our Visa application.We arrived back in South Africa 24 hours ago and are so very thankful for so much that we have here. There is nothing like a ministry trip to help us see how blessed and privileged we are and this takes away the desire to complain and be unthankful. I was just thinking that Apostle Paul had such a thankful heart and was permanently on mission trips! There is obviously a lesson here.

We left early on Wednesday and arrived at 03:00 on Thursday in Lahore and were collected by Pastors Naveed, Javeed and Naeem who were very happy to see us. We were taken in a very old, decrepit and slow taxi which took 4 hours to travel the 120Km to Faisalabad. We arrived just after 07:00 and were very happy that the programme was only starting on Thursday evening. We had a good sleep to recuperate from the long and tiring journey.

We ministered at Pastor Naveed’s church on Thursday evP4220116ening and Friday morning bringing the message of Grace to counteract the traditional law-based message they have received. We shared a short message to leave time to pray for everyone individually which is more meaningful for them although very tiring for us since there are from 80 to 150 people in the services. The spirit moved as we prayed for the people for impartation, but not as much as the last time when I was in Pakistan. Many people in Pakistan are caught in witchcraft and poverty which is difficult for them to break out of.

We visited various houses to pray for the sick and enjoyed the hospitality and spicy Pakistani food. As we walked down one streeP4210007t we saw a man lying on his bed in the street and I made a comment about “taking up your bed and walking” and as we passed him he asked for prayer. He complained about weakness and pain in his whole body. I asked how old he was, seeing in the spirit that his body was shutting down and he looked about 60 or 70 years old. He said he is 42! He lives in the Christian quarter and is a nominal Christian – actually Catholic. We prayed for him, being touched by the degradation in a human life, and went on to visit and pray for more people in their houses.

On Friday evening we went to Malgavala village which is a Taliban Muslim stronghold. Osama Bin Laden was hidden there for 8 days whilst he was on the run. The service only started at 21h00 because we had to wait for the Muslim service at the local mosque to end so that we did not disturb them and so had very little time because it is dangerous for the people to go home late20120423_190029 at night. Wilmar sang a few worship songs which showed them a new gentler way of worshiping and the Presence got stronger and stronger as he flowed in free worship. Then he shared his visions of Pakistan and we all prayed for the people. The anointing was very strong and everyone testified afterwards that the spirit moved on them. Tania’s gentleness that shines out as she ministers to the women is so beautiful to see and is very effective in bringing the love and healing of God to them as Holy Spirit is released into their world. We eventually fell into bed at 01h30 and slept very well.

P4210024On Saturday we prayed for people at Naveed’s house then went to visit Pastor Shakeel who had a heart incident a while ago and who was very weak, finding it difficult to even speak, which is why I was not staying at his house. We prayed for him and felt a release in the Spirit and then went to his brother Azim’s house for tea and prayers. Azim’s two teenage sons are very anointed musically and the prophetic words for them were very encouraging. We had lunch with Naveed’s brother Azul’s ho20120421_145402use and then went to the house of the man we prayed for on his bed in the street. He had sent a message to Naveed that he had been too weak to walk for 8 months and Jesus had healed him. He had been walking around and he had invited his whole family to celebrate his healing! Naveed told us he had been the leader of a gang of hooligans and an alcoholic for many years. When we got to his house we saw they had put down a massive carpet in the open courtyard and we had an open air church service wP4210028ith about 30 adults and 20 children present. Wilmar was the one-man band who sang a few songs, and then I shared the story of Nicodemus with many other parts of the Gospel message included. On invitation everyone stood up to dedicate their lives to Jesus and as we prayed for each person individually Holy Spirit moved in power and might. There were no catchers and I was concerned as the first young lady P4210026collapsed and hit her head very hard, but thankfully she was fine. One young lady fell down manifesting when I got close to her and the Pastors Javeed, Naeem and Naveed spent some time shouting at the demons with no effect. I intervened and asked her to stand up, but although they P4210042said she could not after a while she did. She was very traumatised and it took a few minutes to calm her down enough for her to speak the confession to break the hold of the enemy on her life, but once she had done that the deliverance took a few seconds and it was so gratifying to see her smile as she felt the freedom of Jesus. She could not stop smiling and I thought about how wonderful it is to know the freedom we have in Jesus.

We the20120422_075400n went to Pastor Shakeel’s church for the evening service and for the first time since he got sick Pastor Shakeel was in the service. Wilmar sang a few songs taking them into deep worship and then he shared a few thoughts leading into personal prayer ministry. The people at this church are far more open in the spirit and received the powerful ministry of Holy Spirit gladly. Holy Spirit showed me that I should break the spirit of bondage from rejection and inferiority coming from prejudice and persecution and as I released that 90% of the people fell under the power of the Spirit. We thanked God for doing the work and for His Grace and Mercy in using us to minister His Love so powerfully. Many were healed with deaf people hearing and those with very poor eyesight seeing clearly or better and many people with pain throughout their bodies being healed completely. We eventually got to bed at 01h30 but could not sleep and so chatted for an hour or two just winding down from the Spirit high, then we passed out until 07h30.

On Sunday morn20120422_080249ing Tania shared at Pastor Naveed’s church while Wilmar and I shared at Pastor Shakeel’s church. We were amazed to see how well and strong Pastor Shakeel was…in the worship he was jumping around and dancing and was so energetic for a man over 65, never mind one with a heart problem! God was so faithful again with so many being healed and most people just slipping away into unconsciousness as they fall in the spirit.

As we prayed 20120422_071558before the meeting I had a word of knowledge about a zip being undone and I checked Wilmar and Pastor Shakeel but no problem there. Shortly after entering the church one of the worship team came to tell me that my zip was down! Embarrassingly I didn’t expect the word of knowledge was for me! 🙂 There were about 200 people there so we were busy from 10:00 until after 14:00 and we were looking forward to a good rest, but it was not to be since so many people came for prayer at Pastor Naveed’s house.

20120422_172551We went to Pastor Javeed’s church in Nazareth Colony which is a very poor church and they meet in an open courtyard and we had a very blessed time there, with the Spirit moving in great power with many healings and many falling in the spirit, we finally arrived at home again after 01:00 looking forward to sleep…Pastor Javeed told us that many people were healed at the meeting and many experienced the Presence of Jesus in different ways.

On Monday morning Pastor Naveed shared a vision he had on Sunday night. While he was sleeping in the courtyard he felt someone shaking his head, waking him up. He ignored it and went back to sleep. Then he felt someone shaking his shoulder, he thought it was his wife but she was fast asleep, he checked the room where the children were sleeping and all of them were fast asleep so he checked the front gate and it was locked. He went back to sleep and then he felt someone shaking his leg and he woke up and sat up, and as he was thinking about this he heard a voice speaking very loudly in his ear. He then saw a vision where I was standing with a team of people on a very large area of grounds where we were surrounded by a very bright light and many, many sick people were being brought there on carts and rickshaws and other transport. We were taking balls of light and throwing them at the sick people and when the balls of light hit them the balls exploded and filled all the people standing close by and all were healed. Many people were gathered outside the grounds and one who was lying on a cart shouted out for healing as well. I took a ball of light and threw it and as I threw it I said “this ball is for healing of all those outside the grounds” and when it exploded all the people outside the grounds were healed and they walked around praising God that He had healed them. Pastor Naveed asked God when this would take place, and God answered that he must pray and be patient because in due time he would see it taking place. 

Two weeks before we left for Pakistan I had a vision myself where I saw the Presence of God in the form of a massive pillar of light and I was putting my hand into the light and taking handfuls of the light and then I was throwing the light balls at different people and as the balls of light travelled through the air they grew from a handful size to the size of a soccer ball and as it reached people it exploded and spread to the people around them, covering them with different colours of light. All the people were healed and delivered as the balls exploded on them. I realised that Holy Spirit is releasing a new level of ministry as well as a new method of ministry. I am extremely excited at the confirmation of this vision which shows the urgency and surety of the vision.

P4230305On Monday Pastor Naveed hosted 40 drug addicts for the message and prayer followed by lunch. I shared the message with them and prayed for them…there was a noticeable difference in their demeanour after we had prayed, with a lightness in many faces and a sense of freedom in the atmosphere. Most of them indicated they felt much better after the prayer…P4230317

It has been such a pleasure having Wilmar and Tania with me this time, they share the burden of praying for the people which is a great help. Tania is interceding a lot for us and for the people which is also a great help. The release in the spirit is very powerful and many healings are taking place even although we don’t pray specifically for healing. The Presence of the Holy Spirit does all the work that is needed as we release the flow of the Spirit.

On Tuesday we travelled about an hour to see a Sikh Temple, which 20120419_141016we did not enter since we did not want to honour their foreign gods by removing our shoes, and then went to visit a Christian rural village. We met a herbal doctor who has ‘healing powers’ and has healed many people. He is a member of the United Presbyterian church despite his mixing traditional beliefs with nominal Christianity. We were invited to tea at his house and when we prayed for the family we saw his wife was open in the spirit and had a very different spirit to the darkness surrounding him. After the prayer his wife took Tania to meet his daughters they asked Tania to pray for their Mom because she had a cyst in her arm and couldn’t lift her arm. Tania prayed and she was healed and gave thanks to Jesus for healing her, we trust this testimony will move them closer to the truth.

On Tuesday night we went to Nazareth colony and had an P4230380awesome evening. There was such a sweet and gentle spirit there and even their worship team flows at a lower volume than most other places where they play everything at full volume. The anointing was the strongest yet and when the people fell under the spirit they were unconscious for about 20 minutes.  The pastor’s wife did not fall but went into a trance for about 20 minutes where she froze while I was praying for her and afterwards she said Holy Spirit was meeting with her in a deep way the whole time.
A young couple testified that after prayer for them on my last visit in November for childlessness and she is now 2 months pregnant.

20120425_083109On Wednesday we visited the school at Pastor Shakeel’s church to pray for the 200 children and it was such a joy praying for the next generation and seeing a difference being made in young lives. Again Holy Spirit was so faithful in meeting the need and releasing His anointing as we prayed. We had lunch with a leader in the church and prayed for his family before packing and leaving at 23h00 after sad goodbyes. We had a horribly uncomfortable, cold and wet, trip to the airport since it started to rain and the very dilapidated taxi had a window missing and the front passenger and driver’s windows did not close so we had cold air and rain blowing into the taxi for most of the 3.5 hour trip.

Wilmar and I both picked up a stomach bug causing diarrhoea which is not surprising considering the open sewers and thousands of flies in the streets, markets, houses and fighting to get onto the food. As I write this blog in bed I am more ill than I was in Pakistan and am thankful I was not this ill in Pakistan which would have prevented me from going out due to the constant diarrhoea. All in all we had a very blessed trip and am thankful for the powerful working of Holy Spirit and His Grace in using us as tools in His hand. We give Him all the honour and glory and I am very keen to teach others to minister in the Spirit out of a heart of obedience. Thank You Father for your Mercy, Provision and Grace.


Testimonies from Pakistan & Answered prayer averting Tragedy

I have always been wary of publishing testimonies, but Holy Spirit spoke to me about this and said that not doing it does not glorify God and what He is doing, so I prefer to publish other people’s testimonies:

Rev. Shakeel Francis – Senior Pastor of Philadelphia Pentecostal Church of Pakistan
Brother Chris and Sister Marietha, Thank you very much for visiting Pakistan and spending time with us. God did many miracles physically and spiritually everywhere you went and preached the Gospel. Hallelujah!
One pregnant lady’s baby’s position was not right, after prayer on Sunday service she got the baby’s position right. One man was shot by robbers. His wife came to church believing that her husband will walk that day. After prayer he could step on earth properly.
Many testimonies from Nazrat Colony on Monday Night. We are doing a follow up visit to perceive the Lord’s work among people and we found it wonderful. We shall send other testimonies after further follow up. All is for the glory of God and we thank God for your humble souls and prayer concerns for the needy people and what a wonderful and glorious happiness it is when the Good news goes through the lives of the people and they get changed and go deeper in Christ. Thank for the vision God has given your church and pastor and you.  What a wonderful and busy week it was. I know sometimes you were tired, God will reward it, you performed best for His glory and we could see His work in every meeting when many testimonies came in during and after the meetings. Praise God for that.

Pastor Naveed Anjum – Faizalabad, Pakistan
We are much happy to share with you that your ministry trip to Pakistan is proving very fruitful and that many people from the places you preached at here in Pakistan are sharing their witnesses with us. They got blessed and felt the touch of Holy Spirit.

Answered prayer averting Tragedy – as told by Pastor Shakeel – Faizalabad, Pakistan

Pastor Terry JonesPastor Terry Jones, in Florida, where he supervised the burning of the Qur’an by a fellow pastor, Wayne Sapp, on 20 March 2011.

Shortly after this incident was broadcast in Pakistan, Muslims vowed to burn Christians just like these men had burned their Holy Book. In the Province next to Faizalabad many Christian’s houses were bernt down and 4 Christian people died in their blazing houses.
One Friday the members of the church heard it announced in the Mosque that the next Friday at 12h00 when they left the Mosque they would burn Christians’ houses. (In Pakistan there are suburbs that are populated mainly by Christians, called The Christian Quarter – a remnant of the British occupation where the British separated the different factions.)

Pastor Shakeel called a 3 day fasting and prayer to cry out to God for deliverance! Many Christians sent their families to relatives outside Faizalabad and the church was full as they prayed round the clock while fasting from the Sunday until the Wednesday. On Friday at 12h00 the heavens opened and torrential rain poured down, within a short time the water was knee deep in the streets! Not only would nothing burn but people could not walk in the streets. The Muslims announced that the burning was postponed to the next Friday due to rain. The next Friday at 12h00 the heavens opened again and torrential rain poured down, within a short time the water was knee deep in the streets! By the next week the anger had cooled and no burning took place.
The lesson apart from the fervent and faithful prayer of the Pakistani believers and God’s response with a wonderful miracle, is that it is important to note that our actions affect others, and so many believers are killed or wounded by ‘friendly fire’ from those supposedly on the same side! We are responsible to God for the direct and indirect effects of our actions! A sobering thought…surely it is time for the Fear of the Lord to be released into the Church.